Stringer Homes, LLC

Home Reflects Character

More, it molds character. Home is the image of thought exposed, inviting the gaze of the world. As your home is so are you. Then make your home as you want it to be - in good taste, dignified, ennobling, to be admired. But see to it that it is also beautiful, comfortable, and durable. 

Home charm is not measured in dollars and cents - selection is more potent then expenditure in its achievement. It is surprising how inexpensively beauty, comfort and durability can be built into homes with the right kind of wood work." 

The Stringer Companies believe that a home should become an extension of its owner, reflecting their taste and enhancing their lifestyle. We believe that homes should blend harmoniously with the natural environment, providing the optimum balance of privacy and community. Finally, we believe that homes with these timeless qualities are premier financial investments. 

All our single family homes are individually designed to meet each clients budget and lifestyle. The following are design ideas to trigger the mind.